Healthy Living

Health & Wellness programs offer opportunities for friendship and community, a sense of well-being, self-confidence and improved mental abilities, not to mention the obvious health benefits of healthy heart, lungs, bones, and muscles. At the Ohio Valley YMCA you can focus on Healthy Living by joining a group fitness class, working with a personal trainer, or learning how to exercise on your own with proper form. 


Group Fitness Classes

Find motivation and inspiration in one of our many group fitness classes! We offer a wide variety of group fitness classes, ranging from high-intensity interval training to various yoga programs. Follow the link above for a list of our group fitness classes at each of our locations.


Aquatic Fitness Classes

If you have a passion for swimming and exercise, our aquatic fitness classes are the perfect fit for you! Follow the link above for a list of our aquatic fitness classes, which are also performed in a group setting.

Personal Training

Not sure how to get started on your own or have a goal you are working towards? Working with one of our Certified Personal Trainers can help you learn proper techniques, hold you accountable, and help you reach your own personal fitness goals. Members get their first 6 sessions free of charge!

Wellness Center Orientation

Joining a gym or starting a new health and fitness journey can be intimidating, but it doesn't have to be! Wellness Center orientations provide members an opportunity for a hands on education on how to operate cardio and strength training equipment properly and safely. 

Teen Strength Certification

Teen Strength Certification is designed to introduce YMCA members ages 12 to 15 to basic strength training principles and techniques. Teen Strength Certification must be successfully completed before teen members are allowed to utilize the YMCA Wellness Center. Once the certifications completed, a guardian must accompany the teen member while they use the Wellness Center. Teen Strength Certified members are subject to restricted hours for Wellness Center use.